thats a pretty great tattoo

Its My Life
No Doubt



atleast i dont say eargasm when i hear a good songĀ 

gaga   love u   

Omg i LOVE party down……such a great cast






Black TV producer on way to Emmys party mistaken for bank robber, handcuffed, held for six hours
An African-American film producer in Beverly Hills for an Emmy pre-party was handcuffed and detained for around six hours on Friday night as police believed he fit the description of a suspect in a nearby bank robbery.
Charles Belk said he left a restaurant alone to refill a parking meter when he was suddenly surrounded by six police cars “handcuffed very tightly, fully searched for weapons, and placed back on the curb,”  he wrote on his Facebook page with an accompanying photo of him sitting on the curb as two police officers stand close by. 

While being black….

but white people out here trying to cry over starbucks jokes



Gaga and Tony Bennett behind the scenes of the H&M campaign.